Tips for volunteering in India

How long have you thinking time about volunteering in India?

I guess a lot , right?… There comes a time in your life that you feel you should do what you had on pause, such as volunteer destinations, helping others or simply leaving your comfort zone. 

What are you waiting for to volunteer in India?  

Find the right moment, request information about the destination and project that you are most excited about and start your volunteer adventure.

The best trip you’re … 

Listen the podcast of the “journey voluntary” listen the advice to volunteering in India, clarifies doubts and concerns about volunteering projects and destinations that fit what you are looking.

You will find many travel destinations where you can be part of a volunteer project and one of those destinations is a volunteering India.

Why volunteer in india?

In this wonderful country, you can find places so authentic that you never imagined, the important thing is that you feel identified with the place, which is the moment to take the step and have an open mind to live and face new things.

Being part of volunteering in India, you can learn a lot, both personally and professionally, so here are some tips for volunteering in India.

Take a look at some projects volunteering in India.





For each person, the experience is different, but the volunteers agree on something, it is unique, indelible and incredible.

Afew challenges that you may encounter during your volunteer program in India

Although you know these tips for go to India volunteering, you should be clear that you will find many challenges to overcome during your volunteering in India, some of these are:

  • Language barriers
  • the ways of communicating with local people
  • Culture, as the country can be very different from yours
  • Learn to work in teams and with groups of children or women.
  • Having to put your creativity and dynamism in motion and share it.
  • Have a lot of patience 🙂
  • Know how to be alone, as it may be the case, that at first you are the only volunteer in the project.

Take a look at the volunteer experience of one of our volunteers in India.

From the minute I decided to embark on one of the volunteering in India, I can only say thank you.

I lack the words to describe, all the very rewarding sensations I experienced.
This is a unique opportunity to discover a totally different culture.

Get to know the most vulnerable and forgotten part and collaborate with an organization that does an essential work for many people.

Lor what you should know before traveling to India

First things first, be sure that you want to do a volunteer in India and the project you want to participate in.

How to sign up for a volunteering in India?

Listen to episode 65 “Steps to sign up to volunteer.”

Remember that you must define the time you want to be a volunteer … It is important, since some projects may request a minimum participation of 2 weeks and others of 3 onwards.

Visa and documentation

Do Need Visa to travel to India? The answer is “YES” and you must process it before traveling. 

Always have at hand your documents such as

  • passport and a copy for when you in India
  • Copy of travel insurance
  • Book accommodation, flights and excursions
  • Facts your volunteer coordinator

Backpack or suitcase

A trip to India needs good backpack, for comfort and the ease it gives you when moving around India. 

Remember that in many destinations or places the sidewalks do not exist, so carrying a suitcase can be chaotic.

Travel Insurance

Is mandatory that you have travel insurance if you make a volunteer with Volunteer Adventure; even if the association provides you with civil liability and accident insurance.

Not all hospitals in India can provide you with prompt and adequate medical care. By having travel insurance, at least you ensure that you will receive medical attention in a medical center or hospital with the appropriate conditions.


Vaccinations Mandatory for the moment no, but recommended if, and these are:

  • Yellow fever
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Rabies, 
  • MMR (measles, mumps and rubella)
  • Influenza

Check with your doctor who recommends putting before your trip volunteering to India.

Currency and bargaining in India

The official currency in India is the Indian rupee (INR). If you have euros, you can make the change at ATMs or exchange houses. 

You can also use your credit or debit cards, it is recommended, so you do not carry much cash with you, but take into account the commissions that your bank can charge you as the cashier when you withdraw or pay with your cards.

When you buy those souvenirs or details that you would like to bring to your friends or family, remember to haggle, don’t keep the first price.

Moments in India

Being volunteer in India, you can enjoy many unique moments and full of colors. One of those moments is Holi, the most colorful festival in India.

holi la India

India’s most colorful festival

Are you encouraged to be one of the volunteers for India?

Write to us at and we will provide you with all the information you need to volunteer in India.

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