Where does the money give the volunteers?

The donations of the volunteers who participate in the different volunteer programs with Adventure Volunteer are intended for the following actions:

  • By making donations from your program international volunteer, you are also donating a part to the association in order to continue with the purposes established in our statutes, in addition to the verification of activities and the development of international volunteer programs.
  • Another part of your donation goes to the maintenance, coordination and execution of programs local, the last part of the donation will go to the logistics of airport pick-ups and transportation, as well as accommodation at the volunteer’s house and 3 meals a day. Monday through Sunday that is provided to the volunteer. Depending on countries and projects, the percentages may vary depending on what is included.

Information on where the short stay volunteer donor contributions are intended:

We have all the information explained in the activity reports that are posted to download the PDF on the web.

  • When local organizations contact us for volunteer help, we verify everything and an international collaboration begins.
  • The percentages are not exact, they may have some variation according to programs.

All the Contributions we receive in Adventure Volunteer Spain from donors are distributed as follows: (See conditions general)

  •  Auto projects within the association. (developing in 2020 the program “a child, a backpack”)
  • Liability and accident insurance in activities for volunteers.
  • Annual donations to the most needy projects.
  • Labor costs of non-voluntary personnel who have to follow up.
  • Transports prospecting countries to find out where volunteers are sent.
  • State tax percentage.
  • Advice on project selection and destinations where you reserve the place.
  • agency Legal and expenses.
  • Telephone assistance 24 hours seven days a week.
  • Computer, SEO and Marketing.
  • International bank transfers.
  • Ads on volunteer platforms.
  • Internal expenses for rentals, talks in spaces and universities.
  • Tax certificate for the donation of € 150 for a deduction in the income statement of up to 70%. (for volunteers from 2020).

In the case of the contribution of the local NGO in the destination it will be for the following:

  • Adaptation of the project for short-term volunteer positions.
  • Pick up at the airport and transfer to the volunteer’s accommodation.
  • Accommodation during your stay in the chosen destination country.
  • Food in case the modality of your project is included.
  • Coordination 24/7 in case of any local incident.

Many local projects are also advertised directly on the web, thus reducing some of the costs at times, sometimes not, yet many volunteers prefer to do so through international cooperation with an association declared to be of public interest such as we are.

All these expenses are necessary to be well established, to continue with the purposes of the statutes and to carry out the development of the projects well.

  • Security: all projects are located in safe areas, although we always recommend that you follow our instructions and those of the person responsible for the project in which you are going to collaborate.
  • Trust: all projects have been visited and evaluated by the Adventure Volunteer team.
  • Professionalism: we have been working for several years with volunteers and with international projects. In 2020 the association has been declared of public utility, which has shown us that our work is having a positive impact locally and internationally.

When a participant decides to come through an international cooperation organization and not directly to the local organization, we understand that they want to generate trust in the place where they are going, among other things.

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Whom do give you your data?

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What use do we give to you personal information?

We use all the data provided by our volunteers, partners and donors for the following purposes:

  • Send information about our activities and projects.
  • Answer questions or queries that come through the forms on our website. 
  • Send information that may be of interest to you.

If you do not wish to receive more communications, you can unsubscribe through our email Unsubscribe with the subject “”.

We NOT process will your personal data for any other purpose than those described except by legal obligation or judicial requirement.

What are your rights?

You can exercise at any time your rights of access, rectification, deletion and portability, limitation and / or opposition to the treatment, through the email indicated above.

Likewise, if you consider that the treatment of your personal data violates the regulations or your privacy rights, contact us through email or telephone.

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