Volunteer at Christmas and New Year’s Eve


This year 2018 is about to end and for sure it has been a year full of joy, sadness and learning. December is one of the months most awaited by some adventurers like you. That apart from sharing with friends and family, you would like to do something different like a volunteer trip at Christmas and New Year.

This year you can make a difference, mainly at this Christmas time, that we can count on a time to discover the true adventurous spirit you have. We invite you to experience one of the experiences that will make a significant change in your life, an international volunteer.

If you think it’s too late, there’s too little time to organize your trip, I’ll tell you, you can still make this dream trip and that these holidays are the best. As one of the organizations with experience in organizing and coordinating volunteers, Adventure Volunteer helps you organize your volunteer trip abroad this Christmas in the following countries:

  • Costa Rica
  • Colombia
  • Panama
  • Guatemala
  • India
  • Dominican Republic

Also, if you want other volunteer destinations, you can also see the volunteer programs we have at: Spain, Uganda and Nicaragua.

Adventure Volunteer will support you at all times in the organization of your solidarity trip, so that you have one of the best volunteer experiences at Christmas and New Year.

We encourage you to read on and get to know a little more about the different destinations for volunteering during these New Year’s Eve parties.


This year-end, Adventure Volunteer through volunteer programs in Latin America and India, offers the opportunity to be part of year-end volunteer programs. Where you will have the opportunity to live, feel and know festivities, dances, songs and the very essence of these countries.

Come the big day and what you want is to be immersed in a culture and traditions abroad, or why not, travel after these holidays, Adventure Volunteer has the volunteer programs that are right for you.

Voluntariado en vacaciones de navidad


This splendid country of much nature and beach, allows you to live hand in hand Ticas traditions a unique year-end parties. Costa Rica offers a variety of activities that will make this time of year something special for you. The options you have are varied such as witnessing the wonderful festival of light. It is a very cheerful and colorful night parade. Where different bands of music, floats and people full of colors and lights run through the streets of Costa Rica.


You want to test your adrenaline the zip line or canopy, the cable car and suspension bridges, are the best options to explore in a different way the natural sceneries of Costa Rica.

For adventurers who want to practice rafting, tubing or kayaking, Costa Rica’s rivers are ideal.

Also if you are attracted by the sport and the sea you can surf with family or friends. You can visit the following beaches of Costa Rica:

  • Playa Hermosa
  • Tamarind
  • Langosta Beach
  • Escondida Beach
  • Saint Teresa

Volunteers from Costa Rica who apply for their place for the month of December and that includes the holidays of the end of the year, will be part of the Christmas activities that are organized for children.

Voluntariado de fin de año en Costa Rica


Its colorful streets, the energy of its people and the architecture that surrounds the walled city and its surrounding neighborhoods make Cartagena one of the favorite cities for many visitors. Here are some tips on how to spend a good New Year’s Eve party with friends and family.

Adventure Volunteer’s volunteer program in Colombia offers volunteers an authentic experience and the opportunity to help communities during this time of year. You still have time to start organizing your solidarity trip, we support you in everything you need, just write us and start the process of your trip.


After having a good dinner Cartagena style, you want to continue celebrating, the city center and Getsemaní offer several options to celebrate these holidays. In the walled city you will find places where they make parties with live presentations. Some recommended places to have a good time are:

  • In Gethsemane, backpackers, one of the places known for the parties they organize every Wednesday, there is no doubt that the New Year’s Eve party will leave you speechless.
  • Place where you can meet people from Cartagena and tourists from all over the world is Mister Babilla.
  • La Movida, as its name says, does not stop until dawn.
  • The parties that you find in the streets, after midnight. The atmosphere in the streets of the walled city shows the joy of the people of Cartagena.

voluntariado en colombia cartagena


Traveling to Panama offers you an unforgettable experience, mainly for this time of year. Those who volunteer at the end of the year parties have the unique opportunity to share these parties with families, communities and other volunteers. If you plan to travel alone, you will always have the support of our local team, plus you will not lack company or travel companions to explore and learn about the adventures that await you in Panama. During the weeks of your volunteering before, during and after the end of the year holidays, you can be part of the projects of teaching, working with indigenous communities, sea turtle empowerment and conservation.

Many of the volunteers show their creativity in organizing Christmas parties or activities, where traditions, customs and the Christmas spirit are exchanged.

Fin de año en Panamá


Volunteer programs in the Dominican Republic are focused on low-income communities, children with special needs, sports, teaching and animal care. At these parties you will be immersed in the local culture and collaborate with other volunteers, who can be your traveling companions for the adventures of the weekend or the free days of Christmas and New Year. The local organization team will do everything possible to make you feel at home during the Christmas holidays.

Navidades en República Dominicana


With the different parades, their music and rains of impressive fireworks Guatemala is filled with life and joy in the month of December. The New Year’s Eve parties in Guatemala include a great family meal and moments to share gifts with friends.

In addition to the unique cultural parties that take place in various parts of the city and mainly in Antigua Guatemala, being part of the volunteer program at Adventure Volunteer gives you the opportunity to share with children and youth from vulnerable communities. In addition Christmas and New Year’s Day is free and you can enjoy with other volunteers or people from the communities, the attractions of the Old City.

If you are looking for Christmas volunteer trips outside of Latin America, you can volunteer in these recommended volunteer programs during these holidays.

Voluntariado navideño en Guatemala


A destiny very dear to the volunteers. India is a special place that all volunteers carry in their hearts. Volunteers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this immense culture and at the same time support important volunteer projects such as:

  • Teaching
  • Childcare
  • Women’s empowerment

voluntariado en centro de cuido en la india

At these parties we encourage all volunteers to relax and enjoy the local festivities offered by these countries through volunteering abroad.

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