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Volunteering in Cape Verde

VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS IN CAPE VERDE Volunteer with sea turtles on the beaches of Cape Verde, within the volunteering in Cape Verde you will collaborate with other volunteers in night and day work conserving sea turtles. Together with the coordinators you will live an incredible natural experience in a paradisiacal destination without having to spend many


You have probably asked yourself on many occasions, what does it take to volunteer in Africa? Or maybe, how to volunteer for free in Africa? Or simply, what is it like to volunteer in Africa?

Volunteering in Africa has always been one of the most successful, perhaps, because it is the continent with the greatest need for humanitarian aid in Africa. Therefore, volunteering in Africa is a great help for the programs where we collaborate, therefore, you can volunteer for free in Africa, since your only contribution will be to cover your accommodation and food, as well as administrative procedures and never for collaborating.


Many volunteers wonder what requirements are necessary to volunteer in Africa. In reality, with the exception of medical volunteering in Africa, you only need a positive attitude, be very proactive, respect the African culture, traditions and beliefs and, above all, have a great desire to collaborate.

Actually, in Africa you will not need much, since it is very easy to obtain visas to Africa for volunteering. In addition, to volunteer with children or volunteer in schools in Africa we do not ask for an academic profile, as it is enough to have a positive attitude and a desire to collaborate.

The time you need to volunteer in Africa would be a minimum of two weeks to live a most satisfying experience in the African continent. And as we know you are also wondering …, how much does it cost to volunteer in Africa? In Adventure Volunteer you can check the price according to the countries, we also recommend you to see the transparency page of our NGO of international cooperation in Africa, where you can see that these range from 550€ from two weeks.


In the countries where we collaborate within the African continent through international volunteering, you will see that our programs are mainly focused on social volunteering in Africa, although you will also find volunteering with animals in Africa, to volunteer with turtles or elephants in Africa.

Going to Africa to volunteer, not only will be a great experience but you will also make an inner journey within yourself that will enrich you in many ways that you still don’t know today.


As for our programs, you can volunteer in Tanzania, or go and volunteer in Kenya. Volunteer in Africa with children, in the regions of Uganda, Senegal or Ghana, or perhaps, get into the African medical programs in Senegal. If you have less time or want to volunteer in Africa from Spain with other volunteers like you, perhaps you can join a volunteer trip to Zanzibar or a group trip to Northern in the volunteer in Morocco.

The prices of volunteering in Africa from Europe for your international volunteering in Africa are quite cheap and usually quite good and comfortable. In addition, they are large capacity flights that allow you to carry even two suitcases, ideal to carry if you wish all kinds of donations for children in Africa.

If you are interested and have decided that you want to join a volunteer in Africa, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a call. In Adventure Volunteer we will give you a personalized help to advise you about the best volunteering in Africa and to make your experience as a volunteer unforgettable.