Volunteering in Europe

Volunteer Programs in Europe

 Where is the best place to do a volunteering in Europe?

The Old Continent offers you many countries to do international volunteering, by volunteering in Europe you will discover a culture and many projects where you can become aware of the European continent and help different causes, among them we have social, environmental and humanitarian projects.

In which european countries can I volunteer in Europe?

Of all the countries where you can volunteer in Europe, we advise you in Spain, where in addition to helping one of the poorest countries in Europe, in your free time you will enjoy the country with the most sun and beach on the European continent. Another destination highly requested by Europeans is to volunteer on the Greek islands, where you collaborate with sea turtles in Greece.

What do you have to do to go on a volunteering in Europe?

Travelingas a volunteer around Europe is very simple, volunteering for european project can be done through the platform, you just have to register and we will check if you have available places for the chosen dates.

Afteryour application, we will carry out an international volunteering agreement in Europe where you can validate it with your university internship or simply increase your CV.

Do I have to look for accommodation in my volunteering in Europe?

Volunteer projects will usually provide you with accommodation where you can sleep, they are safe accommodations that the coordination that is in charge of volunteering in Europe knows. In addition to that, we will advise you and give you a guide to volunteering in Europe so that you know how to move around the European country that you have chosen to carry out your international volunteering.

Learn spanish while doing a volunteer programs in Europe?

Many foreign volunteers come to Spain to volunteer, not only because it is very cheap but also because they have the opportunity to learn Spanish, a language that is highly demanded throughout the world and that thousands of European Americans and Canadians want. learn by carrying out a social action in a volunteering in Europe.