Volunteering in Latin America

Volunteer Programs in Latin America

When is it better to do a volunteering in Latin America?

You have always thought about Volunteering in Latin America, but you never see the moment due to lack of information and knowing when would be the best time of year to go. 

Latin America is a very large continent and it is always a good time to go because it has completely varied climates, you can be in South America in winter and summer at the same time.

If your idea is to do international volunteering in Latin America, any time will be a good time to participate in volunteer projects

In which South American countries can I volunteer in Latin America?

Adventure Volunteer is currently collaborating in 10 countries in Latin America, spread between Central and South America and volunteering projects in Latin America. You can volunteer in Mexico being further north in the Dominican Republic if you like the islands more, volunteer in Costa Rica to get to know Central America or go as an international volunteer if what you like is getting to know the Andean cultures.

What are the best volunteer programs in Latin America? 

We do not dare to say which are the best volunteer programs in Latin America since they are all very good, even so we are going to make a list of the most visited programs in recent years to go where international volunteering in Latin America have placed the best evaluations:

  1. Volunteering with sea turtles in Panama.
  2. Humanitarian aid for people who have to emigrate from their country to Mexico.
  3.  Social and labor inclusion project in the Dominican Republic.
  4.  improvement of the life of families in disadvantaged neighborhoods of Colombia.
  5.  Volunteer collaboration in Peru with Quechua children.
  6. Protection of animals doing a volunteering in Costa Rica.
  7. Empowerment of women and children in Panama.

What do you have to do in the volunteering in Latin America?

Making a volunteering in Latin America is very simple, given that it is the continent with the fewest restrictions when it comes to vaccinations, visas and other entry requirements.

We as an organization are going to advise you according to your abilities the best destination in Latin America to do a volunteer. 

The process is very simple, you just have to feel like it, have an interview with us, take an online volunteering course to become aware of the Latin American continent and after that, buy the flights and land to start your volunteering experience.

How to volunteer in Latin America without having to pay?

To volunteering in Latin America, you just have to sign up with us so we can guide you, at no time will you have to pay for the work you do. You will only have to pay for the travel part of your  volunteer programs in Latin America like any other traveler who is going to visit Latin America. You have to pay for your accommodation, food and travel management services, but the part of volunteering or collaborating as a volunteer in Latin America is completely free.