Volunteer memories

Merlin on the volunteer’s trip 

On Saturday, May 9, in episodes of volunteer memories, Merlin tells us about his volunteer experience in Spain.

On this occasion, Merlin, a volunteer who was with us only a short time ago in Valencia, had to quickly leave for her country of origin due to the issue of confinement.

The volunteer memoir episodes are focused on remembering all the volunteers who have been through the organization in some types of programs such as women’s, teaching, and environmental.

Although we are now confined at home, we have the hope and all the desire that everything goes well and we can return to travel and know all these destinations that we long to see.

Sin more will hear testimony from merlin 

But not without comment, Adventure Volunteer NGOs, for voluntary international university practices, responsible tourism, environmental trips. 

When you can, take  a look at the web and see where we are going, we will be eager to see other places outside our homes.

Ayes, now !!! we started

Experience of volunteering in Spain by Merlin

Questions made in the episode «Memories of volunteers»

  1.  Tell us how do you remember the experience of volunteering in Spain, especially now that we are at home?
  2. What feeling did volunteering leave you?
  3. How was your daily life like as a volunteer in Spain?
  4. What profile do you think a volunteer must have to participate and live this experience?
  5. Tell us about it, What did you like the most about the country?
  6. On a volunteer trip you can go alone and come back with many friends. How did you experience this?
  7. Why would you recommend our listeners to volunteer, when it is possible obviously?

Merlin thank very much

Thank you all also for being there, for listening to the podcasts, for coming to the projects and for liking on iVoox, or the green heart on Spotify or 5 stars on the Apple podcast or also on Google Podcast.

Next Saturday we return to the podcast with more episodes of volunteer memories, questions and answers or some specific topic.

Until then I wish you a happy Saturday, a beautiful Sunday … And until next week. 

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