Volunteer highly applied account their volunteering in Central America

isabel volunteering in panama testimony

Volunteer project in Panamá

Panama,  is a super fun and beautiful place, an unforgettable place.  A destination that deserves to be known, both socially and personally.  What better than a volunteer project. 

I encourage everyone to come and meet my children who offer you what little they have, their love and smile.  

The people are friendly and welcoming.  The volunteer project very nice for the purpose, since working with schedules, organized activities and singing with children was one of the most I liked, I lived unforgettable moments next to wonderful people and I would not hesitate to wrap”.

Isabel – kids with special needs

Isabel was in the program of children with special needs, a few weeks and treated her as one of the family, the whole town of Chame was delighted with his work and joy in all his volunteer work in Panama (Central America).

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