Isabel alegre, volunteer in Central America

Volunteerism in Central

Isabel tells us about his experience volunteering in Central America.

Panama is a super fun and beautiful place, an unforgettable place, a destination that is worth a lot to know, both socially and personally. 

I encourage everyone to come and know my children who offer you the little thing they have, their love and smile.  

Su contribution to the volunteering project

All the people of Chame were delighted with their work and joy throughout their volunteering in Panama (Central America).

The Child Psychology program for children with special needs seeks to offer guidance and help to children with special needs, such as down syndrome, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and intellectual disabilities (DI).

In schools I work in a personalized, close and fun way, creating a friendly environment that managed to capture the attention of the children, hand in hand with the initiatives of the project, developing complementary training activities that helped the children to manage themselves.

He also made views of the different homes of our children, it is a very complete job. It gave him the opportunity to get to know each child’s home and family, achieving a closer treatment and a broader vision of the situation that each child and family lives.

What did you think of the experience of Isabel?

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