Central America and sea turtles

Experience life changing

Hello, my name is William and I am a French Canadian volunteer 18 years. I was in the volunteer project in Central America with sea ​​turtles for 6 weeks.  

It is not always easy to get up in the middle of the night to patrol, but one is rewarded by the beauty of nature. In addition, it is very important to relocate sea turtle nests, as they have many predators such as dogs, birds, crabs, and mainly humans. This shows how fragile the sea ​​turtle is.  

In some cases, we arrive at the time of laying the eggs. We proceed to take the data of the turtle (type of turtle, how big it is and we wait for its process to finish). Then we move the eggs to the nursery.

You want to know more?

Listen to the podcast dedicated to the day of the oceans and sea turtles …

Every morning, we have to look in the nursery to see if any baby turtles are born. If there is one, we should take it to the beach. It is very important that they walk on the beach so that they remember and return as adults to lay eggs.  

This step is too dangerous for them.

  •  Birds and crabs are waiting.  
  • We must try to keep the release area well cared for.

Organization arrival to my volunteer

Were all niceme. People smiled and waved. My experience with those responsible for the project has been the best.  

I was planning this trip in constant contact with Evelin, my coordinator. She was always there to answer my questions and it never took her long to reply to my emails. You really have that human contact and you inform yourself well.

Then, when I started the sea turtle project, I felt like I was part of it. Jacinto and Diego were more friends than supervisors.  

I have always heard of biodiversity in Central America and wanted to see it. I know the ocean is in very bad shape and I think it is getting worse. Everyone mobilizes to take care of the environment.  

Coming here was a way to have a good time while giving something back.

During the whole time I was in the conservation project of sea ​​turtles in Panama, I felt great. There are many things to see nearby, such as waterfalls, mangroves, mountains. Where you have a great view of the region, and a beach to surf.

I Definitely recommend this project!

It is an enriching and life changing experience.

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