Volunteer in Nepal with

traveled with my mother to Kathmandu and we volunteered in the volunteering in Nepal with an NGO and the experience was entirely enriching and impactful.

You go with the previous idea that in theory it is you that you are going to teach there, and in the end those who teach you are the children themselves. We stayed for two weeks, short stay but enough to enter the world of volunteering.

We perform 2 hours a day in a Buddhist monastery and another 2 hours in the orphanage. The monk children of the Buddhist monastery have a fairly limited and strict life, they just leave the monastery and dedicate their lives practically to meditation.

However, the children of the orphanage, go to school, learn English, among other subjects, and can get a job once they are 18, that is, “decide” their future.

The best part of the experience was to learn to live day to day as Nepali people do and to be happy with what a person has 🙂

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