What to keep in mind before starting your volunteering?

If you have not yet had an experience as a volunteer or made a solidary trip and do not know where to start, today we give you some clues that will help you in the preparation of your trip.

Solidarity trips and international volunteering are experiences that help you grow in the personal and professional field. That is why it is important to take into account your motivation to make this type of trip; besides of identifying in what areas you want to contribute; so that your experience of volunteering or your solidary trip is more coherent with your principles and values.

Before starting your experience, we recommend you to consider the following:

  • Know what motivates you to volunteer.
  • What time you can dedicate: Hours, days and with what continuity.
  • Find out and select the area in which you would most be likely to collaborate. We provide this information on the following pages.
  • Know the organization with which you want to manage your volunteering. Chose the one that best suits your interests and motivations.
  • When you have contacted the organization, coordinate with them activities to be developed, the place and country where you want to volunteer.

It is very important to define the time you want your volunteering or solidary trip to last. We recommend a minimum of 2 weeks, so you can meet and live more in the communities where the project where you collaborate is developed.

About the expenses, the volunteer must take care of all expenses that the trip entails like lodging, food, transport, flights, insurance, visas, others. In our organization, the payment made by the volunteer covers accommodation, 3 meals a day, pick-up at the airport, support in the organization of your trip before and during your volunteering or solidary trip, 24/7 follow-up by the program coordinator.

Invite you to know the programs where we work.  Just click on the following link adventurevolunteer.org/en/en/programs/

We are always there to help you in organizing your trip. Just write us to info@adventurevolunteer.org or call +34 619 34 62 21

We’ll wait for you!

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