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About us

Sergio Malaguilla Garcia – President – Adventure Volunteer

When I made my first trip as an international volunteer, traveling to various countries, I had the opportunity to learn about many different cultures and their traditions. I also got to know many people and much more about these wonderful countries and all they have to offer.

At that time I realized the truth about the needs that each of these countries have.  Many have low levels of educational, minimal support for children with special needs and care for the natural environment is also lacking.

Out of what I saw on these trips was born the idea Adventure Volunteer. I had the desire and motivation to offer a different trip, a unique experience.  Adventure Volunteer provides the opportunity for volunteers to work with communities of scarce resources, and with children tohelp them keep their smile – in some cases with children who have forgotten how to smile – helping them remember how.

Our organization allows people from all over the world to participate and collaborate in different programs and at the same time get to know a country from another perspective.


Adventure Volunteer is incorporated as a non-profit association in Spain with Tax Identification Number G98882483. It is registered in the national registry of associations with the number 612414 and is based in Valencia.  The organization consists of a team of professionals with in depth experience in international volunteer programs all focused on social issues.

The teamknows all the projects we are working and collaborating onin all the different countries where we have presence. We continue to dedicate our efforts to improving and strengthening the social and volunteer programs in the projects we currently have.

Our programs give volunteers the opportunity to know, share and participate in social projects. These projects provideeducational and recreational activities that benefit communities of different cultures and customs, communities with economic difficulties andvarying degrees of social exclusion.


We put at your disposal the Statutes of our organization, approved on March 6, 2017. Here you can access the PDF of the statutes of the Association Adventure Volunteer.