The real is always beyond

THE REAL IS ALWAYS BEYOND, is one of the many ways I could define my volunteer experience in KENYA. 

Last November I made a very important step, as important as discovering that the real is beyond the life in which we live, that what makes us feel is in the simplicity and love of people. 

I left for the city of Nairobi to volunteer with children and mothers who are in a situation of vulnerability, given the lack of basic needs they face.


I was able to participate in the realization of teaching and learning activities with the little ones both in the didactics of the knowledge of the Spanish language, introducing new vocabulary, habits and daily routines as well as in recreational and dynamic activities. 

These are the actions that I carried out daily and I could extend them detailing each one of them, but the essence of this writing for me is not as much as that, but what I really value in my passage there. 

And, I did not teach them but, they to ME. At the beginning of the project I had a totally distorted vision of what I have now. A vision that during these two months I have been able to comfort. How important is what we believe to be essential, such as all the material we have, when without knowing about the existence of it we can be happy?

One of the things that surprises me the most, is that we cling to what we have for comfort and dependence on what facilitates our passage through life. But these facilities that we have thanks to the resources we have are not essential to live happily.

The fact of not having SO MUCH makes better communities of living together. This is another of the things that have surprised me the GREAT community they form, the long talks and times they spend doing together the domestic tasks, the creativity of people to organize and create and the sympathy they have for each other. 

Maybe I should see starting writing my experience saying that this trip was a challenge for me for different reasons; among which traveling alone to a totally unknown place, not mastering the language, and mentally facing what I was going to find there. But I preferred to start this experience based on the feelings still so present in me and leaving aside the fears that arose in the beginning; because I can assure you that these are the first ones that get deleted when you get there.

Thanks to the PEOPLE so wonderful that they have made my heart fill a little more with generosity. To those who have contributed to distort my thoughts and fill me with so many feelings that I will always remember. 


Nerea Gutierrez – Teaching and school review in Kenya

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