Volunteer with animals in Panama

The first day we learned about the history of the park and how it works, in addition to helping the Harpy Eagle Museum the first days of my volunteering with animals in Panama.

In addition to learning about the Harpy Eagle caregiver’sand how to feed it, support with the trail cleaning and what is the proper process of creating them.

Then I was working in the flora area helping to maintain the nursery. The workers were really well informed about the different plant species. When I started working in the area of ​​wildlife, I had to prepare the food for the animals in the morning. Then we would go out to feed the animals and clean their enclosures.

limpieza de sendero en Panamá

I also participated in the creation of the enclosure for the jaguarundi and in the cleaning of the enclosure for some monkeys and an otter.

I learned a lot about each animal and about the plants and trees in the park. The park is very beautiful and cool in the morning. The coordinator, Ilse, is very kind.

Museo del Águila Arpía panamá

There were volunteers from France, Belgium, Germany and Panama during my time at the animal sanctuary in Panama. The park is near Panama City and is convenient to enjoy and explore the city after work.

Justin – animal shelter program in Panama

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