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If you are looking for a volunteer project to be a part of, Uganda is the perfect country. It’s your chance to live an affordable and meaningful experience while undertaking one of the most exciting adventures that international volunteering can offer.

Choosing Uganda as your volunteering destination is probably one of the best choices you could make in life. The country will not only amaze you with its nature, climate and gastronomy, but also with its culture and people.

The capital of Uganda is Kampala and its official language is English, although a dialect of Swahili is also commonly spoken.

It takes between 20 to 35 minutes walking to get from the accommodation to the project area. There is also the possibility of transportation by rickshaw or motorbikes (up to 3 people can ride them at a time).

The project that our volunteers participate in has existed for more than 5 years and has generated a positive impact on the whole community.

This is general information, you will find specific information on each project in its section. Depending on each program, different information will be included and there will be different arrival and cooperation timetables.


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The program focuses on providing children with proper care, nutrition, education and clothing. The contribution and help of the volunteer is essential for the orphanage as well as for the children. Be part of this experience.

The activities of raising community awareness in Uganda take place throughout the year. Our volunteers usually work at least 4 hours a day, from Monday to Friday.  

The locations of the talks and workshops vary according to the needs of each community and family. The plan and schedule of the activities will be provided on your day of orientation to the program and the place.

All projects are located in the village of Fort Portal, in the southwest of the country, a few kilometers away from the equator. It’s a quiet, very safe town surrounded by valleys and mountains.  

In Uganda, volunteers stay at the volunteer house, where they share rooms with other volunteers of the same gender (approx. 4 volunteers per room). The housekeeper changes the bedding every week and all beds have a mosquito net. Wifi, electricity and drinking water are also provided in the house (we also recommend buying bottled water to drink).

The housekeeper will provide you with daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

  • Breakfast will consist of bread, butter, jam, honey, hard boiled eggs and fruits such as watermelon, pineapple and bananas.
  • For lunch you will usually have rice with peanut sauce, pasta with meat, guacamole beans and traditional Ugandan vegetables.
  • Dinner is served between 7 and 8 pm.  It usually includes mashed potatoes with different sauces such as “matoke” (a mixture of banana and potato), rice or different types of pasta such as spaghetti, macaroni and others.

Volunteers who require a special diet (vegetarians, intolerant to particular food) are asked to let us know in advance and it will be taken into account during the meal preparations. We also emphasize that it’s a volunteer program in a different country and that local food is not going to be the same as the one we normally eat at home. However, we will do our best to make the volunteers feel well cared for.

All our volunteers are very important for the development of the projects in Uganda. Participating in some of our volunteer programs doesn’t require you to be an expert or have a specific qualification. It’s only required that you are:

  • 17 years of age or older.
  • Available to do various jobs.
  • A participative and committed person.
  • Respectful to the people who work in the project and the community.
  • Aware of the culture and customs of the country.
  • Able to work in a team.

You must present the following additional documentation:

  • Passport-size photo
  • Passport photocopy
  • Criminal record certificate

The cost of some of our volunteer programs in Uganda starts at €590 for 2 weeks. Each additional week costs €130.



  • Airport pick-up and transportation to your accommodation
  • Accommodation in the volunteer house
  • 3 daily meals during your volunteering
  • Orientation day in the project area
  • 24/7 assistance from the Adventure Volunteer team
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the program
  • Volunteering certificate



  • Flight to Uganda
  • Visa, if necessary
  • Medical Insurance
  • Return to the airport on the last day
  • Extra meals or drinks
  • Travels in or out the country

Arrival at destination 

We will pick you up at the Entebbe International Airport (EEB), where a local team coordinator will recognize you and take you to your accommodation. If you arrive very late at night, you might have to stay in the capital of Kampala for the night and will be collected the next morning.  It’s important that you arrive in the country on a Friday, so that transport logistics could be better coordinated and you could be picked up with the rest of the volunteers. Depending on the traffic in Kampala, the journey to the project area will take around 5 to 6 hours.

Once you arrive in Fort Portal, you will be assigned a room and a locker.  The rules of the house will also be explained to you and you will be introduced to the rest of the team. After that you will be given an orientation day in the village of Fort Portal. This way you will be able to orientate yourself in the area and be able to walk to the projects or simply go for a drink with the rest of the volunteers.


Like all tropical countries, Uganda also experiences wet and dry seasons. The dry season occurs from December to February and from June to September. From April to May and from October to November there are tropical rains. We recommend putting suncream on for the whole day as the sun near the equator is quite aggressive. 


There will be a time difference of plus 2 hours from Spain, plus 3 hours from England and Portugal, and plus 10 hours from the Americas.


The Ugandan Shilling is the official currency of Uganda, equivalent to €0.0002.  In Uganda you will be able to enjoy food and drinks at a very low cost. Volunteers usually find that €20 are enough to cover all their basic weekly expenses, excluding weekend excursions.


Hepatitis, tetanus, yellow fever, and typhoid vaccines are recommended. The latter are obligatory depending on where you come from. The risk of malaria is high all year round in cities. As a volunteer, you should visit your health centre and see what vaccinations they recommend or you can also call the Ugandan embassy in your country to get more information.


Before making any trip abroad, we recommend registering your data in the traveler’s registry of the ministry or embassy of your country.  Your passport must be valid for at least six months after your entry to Uganda. As a Spanish citizen, you will need a visa to enter the country of Uganda, which can be obtained at the Entebbe international airport after your arrival. The visa is valid for a maximum of three months and has a cost of US$ 50 which should be paid in cash. If you want to stay longer in the country, you will have to request an extension of stay. This can be done at the immigration department of the Ministry of the Interior. 

Before your arrival, we will send you an email with the address where you will be staying. You will be asked to provide this information when you enter the country together with the reason for your trip, which should be tourism. 

About three hours away from the village is located the Queen Elizabeth National Park. It’s one of the most important and most frequently visited places in Uganda. With the rest of the volunteers you will have the chance to rent a convertible van to go on a safari.  

Lake Victoria, one of the largest lakes in the world, is another popular tourist attraction of Uganda. The lake offers various water activities, many of which can be enjoyed before or after your volunteering. It’s located in the south of the country, bordering Tanzania and Kenya and hence being a great starting point for exploring other countries, as well.

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  • From the moment you fill out the registration form for a program in Uganda, your place will be reserved for 7 days.
  • To confirm your place definitively, you must pay a deposit of €150 within these 7 days. Once the deposit is paid, your place will be guaranteed and you will formally become part of the Adventure Volunteer family.
  • As soon as you make the payment of the program deposit, we will send you an email to confirm that your place is guaranteed. After that, you will receive another email with more additional information explaining everything you need to know to prepare your trip correctly. The rest of the payment is made one month before your incorporation to the project.
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