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Adventure Volunteer Costa Rica

As citizens, we have the responsibility and commitment to care for and maintain the existence of animals on the planet we share. We have been given the opportunity to be able to coexist with different species of animals that depend in large part on our actions.

This is the reason for which social programs are developed to encourage the care and conservation of animals, especially those that suffer from human actions such as illegal hunting, mistreatment and poor care of them.

In this occasion we want to share part of what Adventure Volunteer carries out, and how you can be part of it through this organization.

How we rescue animals?

In Costa Rica there are laws that protect animals, even so it is necessary to make the human beings aware of avoiding domesticating exotic or free-ranging animals.  As a recognized center for its good practices towards animals, the Government brings us animal expropriated to hunters of traffickers that injured them or lost animals that are found in different areas of the country.  Some animals are native and others belong to other countries, therefore in need care and shelter.  In turn, avoid the freedom of no local animals in order to maintain and preserve the local species and make sure the ecosystem does not suffer any change, since being from another area could be invasive, kill the local species and turn a cycle.

voluntaria cuido animales

How resources are managed?

As lovers of nature, we cannot turn our care center into a center for mass visitors, which stress the animals.  Sometimes camera flash is used or become a showcase.  The center currently does not receive any subsidy from the state, so, through agreements with local universities, educational visits and guided small groups and international cooperation of volunteers, the center can survive giving shelter to more than 600 animals that for some cause have ended here.

What to do in the volunteering?

The day in the center begins at 6:00am in the morning with the sound of the animals.  As a volunteer, there are many tasks that are done in the center, starting with at the dawn and the sounds of nature.  The activities will vary according to the work assignment.  Some of the most significant and necessary tasks would be to provide the animals with different types of food for proper feeding.

In addition to the maintenance of animal areas, planting of food, reforestation, pruning, and assistance to specialized personnel among other activities. The time of meals and snacks will mark the change of tasks to perform until 4:00 pm.

 Know the animals

Although the center collects around 600 species, the most abundant are the local birds; the Red Macaw goes through the trails of the center combing the heads and is a unique experience.  The refuge has Jaguars, turtles, deer, the American center tapir, several varieties of monkeys among others.

All of them a victims of society and lack of awareness.

The reason for this center

The philosophy of the Rescue and Animal Care Center is to give shelter and protect lost, exotic, domesticated, orphaned, sick and wild animals in civilized areas where their lives would be in danger.  All of them are victims of the actions of the human being, such as the felling of trees, hunting, abandonment or mistreatment.  At the center, we seek that animals have a recovery, natural feeding and so they can continue with the cycle of their nature as far as possible.

What are your rules?

As in any place where you work with wild animals, the rules must be quite strict since you could have an irreversible accident.

Among the main rules are; do not smoke in the entire sanctuary as it is a habitat surrounded by jungle and there is a risk of fire and above all out of respect for the animals.  It is very important not to talk or feed the animals without prior organization.  It is intended at all times that, animals maintain their natural state and have the minimum contact with humans, moving the animal away from routines and customs or taming them.

The volunteers of Adventure Volunteer in Costa Rica

volunteer in costa ricaAt the center, you will have the opportunity to practice Spanish with all the staff that is part of the organization.  They are also used to speaking in English for the diversity of volunteers that the center receives, so it will not be a problem if you do not speak Spanish.

Deciding to live a few weeks here means to get away from personal vices and live in an environment of peace and harmony that goes around the animals and their care.  Of every 7 days one is for resting, that will allow you to know beaches and mountains near the sanctuary.  If one of you intentions is to know Costa Rica. Can book a week at the end of your solidary trip and visit other areas such as Corcovado, the Arenal Volcano or the Caribbean area, Old Port.  You can also buy the flight with about 5 days after the cooperation.  You can visit more remote areas of the Caribbean or travel freely to know Costa Rica and its natural wealth.

When to come to animals volunteering?

Feed the animals is a daily task, so the care center is open every day of the year, you can come to participate whenever you tell us and book with advance.  We currently have 12 places in the house of the internal volunteer in the center.  Depending on the time you are coming, you will have more or less volunteer companions of different nationalities.  The annual average of partners at the same time in the program would be in 4-6 volunteers.

How to organize your volunteering?

As we mentioned, Adventure Volunteer is an organization that promotes and develops volunteer programs in several countries.  One of them is Costa Rica.   In addition to if you are interested in participating in this animal and other care and shelter program.  Then you just have to choose and get in touch with us.  We are here to provide you with all the advice you need.  Guide you on how to start your travel planning and everything you need to consider for your great experience.

In our section of programs, you can see the projects in which we work and focus our efforts with the support of the volunteers and communities where we are.

¡We are waiting for you!

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