Volunteering for teenagers

If you are looking for a volunteer program for youth and teenagers in summer, our 1-4 week programs are perfect for you. Discover all the opportunities that can give you international volunteer, with the security of a well-organized trip and with an association that knows all its projects.

International volunteer projects for young people and adolescents are perfect if you want to help and live unique experiences and indelible and at the same time better understand the people, communities, places and challenges that come your way during the trip. 



sports volunteer program in Guatemala


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What Would you like to do?

The first thing you should ask yourself to do an international volunteering for young and adolescents is : What would you like to do? For example, what type of project do you want to support, whether with children in teaching, or if you prefer a sport or sea turtle conservation project.

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Being clear about what you want to do, you define the Where?

Where would you like to volunteer?

There are always the options to volunteer in your community or locally.

In the case that it is an international volunteering, you can choose a country that you have always wanted to go or that you like a lot, but remember, the place that you think you like is not always the one that you will like. Do not get carried away by trends.

Many volunteers come with the super clear idea of ​​where they want to go and we often ask and ask why that place or destination? and his answer is almost always the same: 

  • I have been told that he is great 🙂

It is not bad to go to a place that they recommend, but for a volunteer trip, it is preferable that you like the place and the project.

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In the different projects, you have the possibility to explore and travel in a different way, safely and with the support of a team that becomes your second family. In addition, to collaborate in projects that are and have a positive and sustainable impact on local communities.

No matter what destination or project you choose, the important thing is to enjoy it.

What do the volunteers agree on??

There are a few things that many of our teen volunteers have agreed to when volunteering internationally, and these are:

  • Self-confidence.
  • You improve your skills and knowledge.
  • Make lasting friendships with local people and other volunteers.
  • You live unique moments that stay forever and then you can share in your school, in a job interview or just with your friends.
  • Know and learn from other cultures and countries.

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You know … There is a new way of traveling, and here you can discover it. In our association we fight day by day so that each trip is carried out under a social conscience.

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