Volunteering in Panama – A Different Experience


“Five years ago I said yes, I want to be a volunteer.Testimonio de Voluntariado con niños

Since then, volunteering has become for me a lifestyle.

This year, 8.653 kilometers from Barcelona and under one sky, Chame welcomed me with open arms, invited me to enter a reality very different from the one I am accustomed to.

Through your movements; the traffic in the streets of the town, the whistles of the cars, the loud music, chickens and roosters crossing the roads, children playing in the street, the noise of the intense rains, the stories of its people I met Chame.

Enseñanza en PanamáDuring the four weeks that I was in Panama carry out activities at school and in homes for children with special needs.

Design activities focusing on mathematical, language and writing aspects. 

I developed materials taking into account the needs of each child at school and at home. Entering the family sphere allowed me to understand the family situation of each child.

I still remember every detail of those sandy paths until I reach the houses. It took more than an experience; smells, looks, stories, feelings, smiles “…


My experience in my volunteering in Panamá, I could summarize in thanks. Thank you for showing me that there are still places where you do not care about your age or your training, just your desire to shoulder. Just as I imagined, for every little lesson I’ve given I’ve taken some more each time. Thank you for making me feel at home just 8000 kilometers from where I have always lived. I went to help and to be useful, but when I left, I did it with the feeling of having given them only my time, optimism and energies in exchange for learning, lessons of life, love and an incomparable love”.

Some people pursue happiness, others create it.
Momentos voluntariado internacional    Escuelita Adenture Volunteer

Sandra Carballares – Program to support children with special needs

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