Volunteering in Honduras


Honduras does not escape from a reality that affects many Central American countries, such as the inequality of many of its citizens.

For many families their main source of income is from jobs in large textile companies and most of these workers are women, young people and single mothers. So we try to do our part by volunteering in Honduras.

You can be part of the volunteer project in Honduras and help our children, who are the most important pillar in our society, to improve their skills and knowledge.


We seek to empower and develop all the skills and knowledge of children and young people from poor communities in Kenya.

The teaching and school review space of the child development volunteer program seeks that children who are between 6-15 years of age and who have never been to school have a chance to improve their knowledge and skills.

Another of the activities that is carried out is in the children’s dining room for the children, it seeks that the children do not neglect such important needs as food.

Some of the activities are:

  • Cooking
  • Pulling wood
  • Lighting the stove
  • Handing out food to the children
  • Support in the maintenance of the center

In addition, you can collaborate where much of the food used in the canteens is produced. Vegetables are grown, including cucumbers, onions, beets, radishes, cilantro, corn, and others.

Open all year round, except for the soup kitchen activity which is closed from December to January. Hours Monday through Friday with two shifts: in the morning an in the afternoon.

  • Minimum age: 18
  • Maximum age: None
  • Criminal record required: YES
  • Qualifications required: Knowledge of Spanish
  • Participants under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

In this program you can go from 2 weeks and has a cost of:

Additional week120€


  • Orientation and induction to the project or program
  • 24/7 support from the Adventure Volunteer team
  • Follow-up and evaluation of the program
  • Certificate of weeks spent volunteering
  • Tax certificate to be deducted in your income tax return
  • Guidance, advice and management in the choice of the program
  • Volunteer and liability insurance
  • Accommodation during your volunteer stay
  • 3 meals during your volunteering
  • 24/7 support from the local organization
  • Orientation and induction to the project


  • Flight to Honduras
  • Airport pick up
  • Visa if required
  • Vaccinations, if required
  • Internal transportation or excursions
  • Trips or excursions inside or outside the country
  • Travel medical insurance with Covid coverage
  • Beverages, special diets or meals


For Adventure Volunteer, volunteers are an important pillar for the development of all volunteer programs where we collaborate. So participating in some of the volunteer programs in Honduras does not require you to have a specific specialty, only with the desire and these requirements that we mention you can participate:

  • Be of legal age
  • Availability to perform various jobs
  • Be a communicative, participatory and committed person
  • Have good behavior and be respectful of the people you collaborate and the community
  • You must be aware of the culture and customs of the country you are collaborating with
  • Capacity for teamwork


The projects are developed in Talanga and are 400 meters from the family house where the volunteers are staying.

For more information, questions or assistance with a colleague of our team you can contact us via phone or Whatsapp here.

The steps to follow to register are as follows:

  • Fill out the form to reserve your volunteering.
  • Wait for our confirmation of availability.
  • Make a 1st donation for the registration to the Adventure Volunteer association.
  • You will receive an email with the volunteer agreement to be completed by you.
  • You will return to us by email all the requested information and you will be able to purchase the flight.
  • A few weeks before you start you will receive information from the local organization.
  • Now you only have to pack your suitcase, you have a whole team that will make everything easier for you and you will be in contact at all times, so you don’t have to worry.


To be part of the volunteer programs in Sri Lanka, it is not necessary any specific training and it is only required:

  • To be of legal age (possibility minor with guardian or parents).
  • To be a participative and committed person.
  • Be respectful of people, culture and customs.
  • To know how to adapt and work in a team.
  • Criminal record certificate for social work.
  • Sign cooperation agreement and interview with our team.
  • Appropriate clothing for the destination.
  • Knowledge of Spanish.


You will live with a Honduran host family. All selected homes have the basic amenities that a lower-middle class family in Honduras generally has.

Keep in mind that these are humble families, the country is quite poor, and water and other supplies may be cut off.

Volunteer accommodation in Honduras

What is the volunteer accommodation like?

  • Bed in a room shared with other volunteers.
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Laundry area (cold water and hand wash only)
  • WIFI in the house


Upon arrival at the international airport Toncontín in Tegucigalpa, which is located 53 kilometers from the project. The local coordinator of the organization will welcome you, in case you have arranged with him the pick up (low cost), otherwise he will give you the directions to arrive on your own to the project.

If you decide to arrange and organize the pick-up with the local coordinator, once you are picked up, you will be taken to the family’s house where you will stay until the end of your volunteer project.

Depending on the time of arrival, you will be given an orientation or the following day, where you will be told in a general way the basic rules of the house and the place, as well as the explanation of the program to be developed according to the time of the year.


If you are from any of the countries that belong to the Central American Convention of free mobility (Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua) you can enter Honduras without a passport, just by showing your identification card or ID card.

In case you are a European citizen, you do not need a visa to travel to Honduras. You must have the following at hand when traveling to Honduras:

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months.
  • Round trip ticket.
  • Hotel reservation or letter of invitation.


Honduras is still seen as a place where you can go sightseeing and be safe. But nothing is perfect, and as in many countries of the world you have to take certain precautions and know how to handle yourself in certain zones and areas of the city.

Generally the tourist areas are safe, but we still recommend you to keep these details in mind:

  • Notify your coordinator, in case you are going on an excursion, so that he/she can warn you about the places.
  • Keep your coordinator’s phone number and the address where you are staying handy in case you need it.
  • Avoid giving out information about where you are staying, the project and your fellow volunteers for safety reasons.
  • Do not bring anyone who is not from the organization to the volunteer’s house.
  • Avoid risky areas in every place you visit.
  • Travel frugally in your daily transfers and excursions.
  • Avoid drawing attention to yourself with jewelry and accessories.
  • If possible, avoid taking out your cell phone in public places.
  • Try to use safe transportation services in the country or services such as Uber or cabs.
  • Avoid walking alone on unfamiliar streets at night.
  • Never take someone you do not know in an unfamiliar vehicle or in your own vehicle.
  • Do not drink any beverage whose origin you do not know.

The financial contribution is divided into two parts:

  1. The registration that you will give as a donation to the Adventure Volunteer association. This contribution has a tax benefit of 80% that you will be able to deduct in your income tax return.
  2. The remaining part of the cost of the program will go to the partner organization that we will send on your behalf as a substitute or you can deliver it directly to the project.


  • Accommodation during your volunteer stay.
  • Meals during your volunteering (3 a day). 
  • 24/7 support of the Adventure Volunteer team.
  • Monitoring and evaluation at the end of your program.
  • Civil Liability 
  • Insurance Accident Insurance for volunteer activity.
  • Orientation by the zone and induction to the project.
  • Digital certificate of weeks spent in your volunteering.
  • Guide, advice and management in the choice of the program.


  • Flight to Honduras
  • Travel insurance (mandatory)
  • Airport pick-up not included
  • Internal transport or excursions
  • Return to the airport on the last day
  • Travel inside or outside the Country
  • Visa, if necessary
  • Drinks, diets and special meals. 
  • Bottled water.



Once you fill out the program form, we will verify everything and confirm your place within 24 hours.


The registration fee must be paid within 7 days, then your place will be guaranteed 1 month before the payment of the programme.


We send you the mandatory insurance and the international volunteer agreement.


Honduras, located in the heart of Central America, surrounded by mountains, beaches and a temperate climate that allows you to enjoy this beautiful country.

You can be part of this project and help our children, who are the most important pillar in our society, to improve their skills and knowledge.

This page is for general information, you will have specific information about each project in its section, because according to the program, different conditions or concepts will be included or excluded, they will also have different schedules both of arrival and cooperation.


  • Dry season is mostly clear and hot throughout the year. Generally the temperature varies from 16°C to 32°C (60ºF to 89ºF) and rarely falls below 13°C (55ºF) or rises above 34°C (93ºF).
  • The fresh season is from October 27 to January 30. The coldest day of the year is January 21, with an average minimum temperature of 16°C (60ºF) and an average maximum of 27°C (80º).


The official currency is Lempira.

On your trip you can use both local currency and dollars. 

Example on the prices of some things in Honduras:

  • Cappuccino coffee 39.50 Lempira (€ 1.45).
  • Menu of the day, in economic places 310.00 Lempira (€ 10).
  • A bottle of water 19.30 Lempira (€ 0.71).
  • Transportation by bus 13.30 Lempira (€ 0.49). This may vary depending on the route.


Your flight must have as its final destination the Toncontin Tegucigalpa International Airport, where you will be transferred to the family house according to organization and information given by the coordinator.

You can find flights to Honduras between 500 and 800 euros approximately according to season.

  • You can find flights on the following airlines Iberia, Delta, American Airlines, United and Copa.



Surrounded by national parks and full of incredible vegetation to spend an entire day. The lake offers several opportunities fordoner ecotourism that will leave impressed. In addition, very close you find the Pulhapanzak Falls, which are spectacular.


Place where you can see one of the most beautiful and exuberant samples of urban art, since its streets and corners tell stories, they reflect the culture and traditions not only of Honduras but of many countries in Central America. A unique place and not to be missed if you are in Honduras.


Known as the cradle of artisans in Honduras, El Valle de Ángeles, is a quiet town that stands out for the kindness of its people, its food and its history. Surrounded by mountains and lakes makes this place a destination to find yourself.


You like the routes and why not do it while you volunteer in Honduras, Cerro El Pintacho is an ideal place for that route that you have always wanted to do outside your country. It is a mountain that is 1200 meters above sea level. At its top you will find the monument with the image of Christ, called by the capitals as El Cristo del Picacho.

Where will I live while volunteering in Honduras?

Volunteers in Honduras live with a host family selected by the organization. Families are carefully selected and prepared to receive volunteers at home.

The treatment received will be like one of the family and you are welcome to join the daily routines of the family.

Likewise, Adventure Volunteer constantly supervises the families and projects where we collaborate, traveling to the country and through the good volunteers they support.

Is there a volunteer coordinator in Honduras?

All the local organizations and projects in which we collaborate have an incite coordinator, also in the process of registering and organizing your volunteer you have the Adventure Volunteer team available to clarify all the doubts you have.

Is volunteering in Honduras a safe place?

We can say that in the communities where we collaborate it is rare that there are incidents with visitors or volunteers. But as in any country, you may be exposed to situations such as an assault that is common anywhere for reasons of insecurity. In general, the villages are quiet and with very friendly people. If you plan some excursions, you can check with the local coordinator who recommends the places you can visit and how to drive around the country.  

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  • Travel information
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Specific questions

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