What can you do while you are at home?

Now more than ever we can say, which causes boredom, in some tiredness, in others stress or a very negative state of mind. So we wanted to give you some interesting ideas of what you can do while you are at home.

Many of us have taken up the exercise, to get fit and active, others take up that book they had on pause, but for people who still do not know what to do or have run out of creative ideas to put boredom aside or just disconnect, we leave you these ideas:

Read a book, the one you like the most

It is proven that reading helps you keep your memory active and exercised, you also learn new things and you can even travel to places that you have never imagined. If you look for somewhere in your house, you will find a book that you have not yet read.

Contact those lost friends 

It is a good time to contact and spend time with those friends who had lost contact, even by call. If they are in another country, they can make a call by Skype, WhatsApp or a group meeting, they are usually very fun and full of memories.

Listen to a podcast

You can listen to a podcast of a topic you like. If you like to travel we recommend the Podcast The volunteer’s Trip It is available on  iVoox , Google podcastSpotify or iTunes.

Perform a virtual volunteer

As you have seen, at this time you cannot travel to other countries to volunteer in person, but it does not mean that you can not continue collaborating. Adventure Volunteer has taken the initiative to support children with educational needs through virtual classes. Where these children can receive extra support and develop the activities that the teachers assign to them. 

Cooking something you like

We have plenty of time, right? 🙂 It is the perfect time to put your cooking skills into practice. 

Watch movies and series

Right now, many platforms like Movistar offer a free month. You can watch movies and series that catch your attention. So you can see that series that you could not see or that movie that you had in stock.

Take any online course

Another way to use your free time is to take courses. For a few weeks you can find many online courses on marketing, virtual assistant, social networks and endless professions that may interest you. As it is said, knowledge does not take place.

We invite you to read this article with ideas that can help you spend your quarantine days with more peace of mind. We hope it helps you and generates more ideas for things you can do while you are at home. 


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