¿Qué hacer en Guatemala durante tu voluntariado internacional?

Guatemala is a country of contrasts. The main language spoken is Spanish, so if this is your native language, you will have it very easy, and you may find it interesting many of the words used by Guatemalans, as well as their own indigenous dialects that still conserve. If on the contrary, Spanish is not your native language, it is a great opportunity to learn or improve it if you are studying it.

Guatemalan people are welcoming and open to those who come from outside. Its warm treatment, and its cultural, architectural and landscape diversity, make it a destination in our international volunteering.

Deciding to do an international volunteering in Guatemala, requires a great personal commitment and solidarity vocation, since you share with children and communities of different status, probably from the most vulnerable communities. From Adventure Volunteer, we have volunteering projects, where we work in the support of school reinforcement to school children to help them in their study tasks and in their personal development. A volunteer trip will allow you to be a more open person, to know another culture and another country. An experience, that without a doubt, you will remember throughout your life, since they tend to be unique and indelible.


In most volunteer projects in Guatemala you will have free time and you can take advantage of it to travel the country. These are some of the places we advise you not to miss if you travel to Guatemala:


La Antigua is one of the best preserved Guatemalan cities. In it prevails the contrast of the architecture of the colonial era, with the current way of life, and where, over the centuries have managed to preserve an identity that makes it so characteristic and special to visit it.

antigua guatemala


Located in the department of Petén, it is considered the cradle of the Mayan culture. Its majestic temples and pyramids surrounded by an impressive jungle make it one of the places of cultural interest not to miss if you decide to go to this destination.

latin-america guatemala


Guatemala is famous for its paradisiacal beaches, and Izabal is one of them. With white sand and clean sea, it is one of the quietest areas where you can enjoy the scenery and the good weather.


If you like the hustle and mix among Guatemalans to know their crafts, it is one of the most recommended places.

¿Qué lugares no puedes perder estando en Guatemala?

If you are one of those adventurers that has gone through this impressive country, and you know places and corners that we can not stop seeing if we are in Guatemala, we encourage you to leave us in the comments those interesting places. Also if you are thinking of going to Guatemala and need more information, you can contact us through our email [email protected] or through our contact form

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