Why did I choose to be and live as an international cooperant

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My guess is that everyone has its reasons for becoming a volunteer, I will not dwell on the discussion of whether if a volunteer is born or if is made because I do think that we all have a volunteer within us which we can develop to a greater or lesser extent according to our priorities or conditions.

After an extended period of time being working as a self-employed worker in the building industry, I realized that my interest in the sector was decreasing while it started growing on me an interest for doing something else, so I started investing my free time in travelling and getting to know diverse cultures. Each country I visited was marked by limited health, education or food supply resources which made it difficult for tourist and inhabitants of those countries to live properly because of being an underdeveloped country.

Then, my subsequent trips were now as an international volunteer. From a wide range of programs that I could choose in the different organizations which offered these volunteers experiences, I always preferred working as a trainer because for personal family reasons, I started working at an early age and for this reason I used to empathize with the young people who were unable to access to education or if they were able this education didn’t have enough quality.

In those volunteer trips, I get to record several short-films in order to convey the reality and experiences the country offered to future volunteers or people willing to discover these unknown cultures. Furthermore, I showed the good and the bad things of the communities where I was working; the smiles, hugs and gratefulness from the people who you teach and that in the end they taught me back. This fact, introduced me even more into international cooperation world. After this and thank to the Cooperating Volunteers organization, I lived some magical experiences recording other volunteer’s testimonies.

Our purpose is to promote international volunteering in order to develop the most endangered communities of these countries. Currently, our projects have presence in Panama and we are working on cooperating with Nicaragua as well through education and conservation of the environment.


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