Why did I decide to be and live as a cooperator?

How did I become an international volunteer?

I guess everyone has their reasons for deciding to become an International volunteer. I am not going to enter into the discussion of whether the volunteer is born or is made, since I believe that we all have a volunteer inside which we can develop more or less depending on our priorities or conditions.

After many years as a self-employed worker in the construction industry, over time I noticed that I was losing interest in the sector. As they grew in me, interests in other occupations; I began to dedicate my free time to traveling and learning about different cultures. In all the countries I visited, they were characterized by being underdeveloped. It is very difficult to enjoy a country while its inhabitants lacked food, health and education resources, among other needs.

My next trips were as an international volunteer, of all the programs that could be chosen in the different organizations, I always preferred to work in training. For family reasons I had to enter the working world quite young, for that reason I used to always empathize with these young people without access to very low-quality education.

Mis volunteer trips

Volunteer in my travels filming short videos to convey to other prospective volunteers or ignorant of other cultures, realities and experiences of each country in which traveled. Show the good and not so good of each community I cooperated with. 

With the videos I also tried to reflect the smiles and hugs of gratitude of the people you learn and teach with, that helped me introduce myself more into the world of international cooperation.

Some time later, and thanks to the Cooperating Volunteers organization, I was able to live magical experiences recording testimonies from other volunteers.

When does adventure volunteer appear?

In 2015, together with two cooperating friends, we founded the association. Adventure Volunteer in Panama, which later transferred the main headquarters in the city of Valencia (Spain).

Our purpose is to promote international volunteering with their participation in different programs for the development of the most vulnerable communities in these countries. Although our projects currently have a presence in Panama, it is also working to cooperate with programs in:

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